Working Papers

1. “Hollowing out the State: Franchise Expansion and Fiscal Capacity in Colonial India” (under review). You can read the draft here

  • Winner of the Mancur Olson Award for the best dissertation in political economy in the previous two years, American Political Science Association 2018

2. “Slavery, Reconstruction, and Bureaucratic Capacity in the American South” with Steven White. You can read the draft here.

3. “Party System Institutionalization and Economic Voting: Evidence from India” with Francesca Jensenius. You can read the draft here.

4. “Economic and Ethnic Dimensions of Trade Preferences: Evidence from India” with Nikhar Gaikwad. You can read the draft here.

  • Winner of the Franklin L. Burdette/Pi Sigma Alpha Award for the best paper presented in the previous year’s annual meeting, American Political Science Association 2019.
  • The paper was featured in the New York Times Interpreter column and Live Mint.